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A few things that make me happy.

All shown in one image. My husband, Darren. My rock. The one that can lighten my mood when needed. Who is always honest, drives me to be better, and my better half.

Next is my sweet, shih-zhu, Vegas. Fluffy and feisty, she keeps us on our toes.

The dulcimer and banjo hanging behind Darren and Vegas were built by my grandfather. The dulcimer was a gift to me in the eighties. My grandfather also played and later picked up the auto harp as well, fostering my love of bluegrass and folk from a young age. The reproduction Civil War sword also belonged to my grandparents and for more information on this part of my family history, peruse my Liberty posts.

Bill Murray. Darren and I have unique tastes and like to incorporate a little humor in our home decor. Bill is an amazing actor and we couldn’t resist this little nod to our love of both military history and the great Bill Murray.

Final thoughts, this little corner also shows some of the restoration work we’ve put in to our log house. The log walls are original hand-hewn logs with chinking added in between to create the walls. Originally built by a Civil War veteran circa 1870.