Coffee & conversation.
Yes, please.


I think I will start with a family favorite story. When I was in daycare, my grandfather came to pick me up and I was in “time out” for talking out of turn. He asked me why I would be talking when the teacher instructed the class to be listening. I looked up and said, “If I don’t talk, I’ll die.”

This has become a story I’ve repeated many times throughout my life as it still applies all these years later. I am not afraid of public speaking, I love meeting new people, I enjoy catching up with friends, as well as a good debate now and then. This strength in communication has allowed me to win others over in negotiation, build relationships throughout my career, and cultivate life-long friendships. Looking back, I think 4 year old Susie would be proud.

This site is glimpse into my life and a personal project I am building upon until my story and legacy are told.